Welcome to Mr G. Plant Health Care Services. Mr G. is specialized for controlling pests in plants with trunk injection, an alternative and efficient method of controlling plant pests compared to spraying technique. Mr G. is also specialized in fertility management for the trees/shrubs. We are knowledgeable and trained in the advance technology, and best and promising practices in tree health care. We utilize recent innovations such as EcoJect microinjection, Arborjet trunk injection and Mauget trunk injection systems in tree health care. Considering the fact that tree is a complex living organism, we offer all services through ISA Certified Arborist unlike most of the other companies who hire seasonal workers and have little or no knowledge on tree physiology, insect pest biology and plant nutrition. Injection at right place, right amount and right time is very crucial. Improper trunk injection may result adverse effects on trees. Our experienced and trained arborists offer promising practices to tailor the need of your trees. Mr G. is fully insured and certified company, committed to caring for your trees and shrubs with a friendly, open and honest manner.

Mr G. is also specialized in tree fertility management. We offer deep root fertilization as a technique to fertilize trees and shrubs in spring and fall. Deep root fertilization is considered as the best way of fertilizing trees where water soluble slow-release fertilizers are injected into the feeder roots zone (4-8 inch deep) in the soil homogenously

We are also specialized for management of prohibited noxious and noxious weeds. Government of Alberta categorized some harmful weeds as prohibited noxious and noxious. Prohibited noxious weeds must be destroyed and noxious weeds must be controlled if present in somebody land or property. Call Mr G. for detail information of prohibited noxious and noxious weeds and their control measures.


Call Mr G. for counselling and for the treatment and fertilization of your trees!


Why Mr. G.

  • Free quote and immediate service
  • Professional services through highly experienced ISA Certified Abrorists
  • We operate with low overhead costs that allows us to offer you the best deal
  • Our first priority is customer satisfaction
  • Use advanced and innovative technique of control plant pests such as Trunk Injection

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  • Call Mr G. when you suspect your tree is not doing good
  • Mr G. comes to your home, inspects the tree, discusses the issues and givesyou a free estimate
  • If you are satisfied with the estimates for the service, Mr G. will perform the work immediately or at your earliest convenience